A Brief History of Giclée Printing

What is a Giclée print and how can you use it?



Giclée is a term on current common usage in the print industry to describe a high quality fine art reproduction of either a physical original or a computer generated work of art. It can be printed on a number of different media types like coated papers, water color papers with texture or even canvas. These prints can be mounted, stretched and framed. Some artist will sign and number their prints. Others will enhance their Giclée with paint or other media creating an original work based on the print.


Giclée printing is not reserved for just fine artists. In this age when it seems everyone has a high resolution camera in their pocket or purse, you can use this printing technique to produce your own works of art from your favorite images. You can crop, color correct or add a filter to that image and have it printed any size easily up to 5 feet wide!



History of the term Giclée


Jack Duganne, a print maker working on the west coast is credited with coming up with the term Giclée. He was said to have been looking for a way to describe high quality inkjet prints without the poor quality connotation that 4 color inkjet printing implied. He settled on the term Giclée. A simple translation means a splash or spurt of liquid. Thus, a term for high quality digital reproductions was born!


If you have any questions about turning your photo or artwork into Giclée prints on paper or canvas please contact us at (517) 482-5431 or email us by using the LEARN MORE link.

3 Great Canvas Print Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

We all know that incredible feeling of elation we get when we give Mom the perfect gift. Capital City Reprographics offers the ultimate in the gift giving experience with our hand stretched Giclée prints on canvas. We can use your favorite digital picture, or our team of expert graphic artists are able to scan and reproduce her favorite conventional photos as well!

Here are three great canvas print gift ideas to wow Mom with on Mother's Day:

1.  Single Canvas Print - The best means to create as well as transform a favorite photo into a striking piece of art for display is to make a canvas print from digital pictures. Display Mom's favorite photo on a stunning custom canvas print.


2.  Multi Canvas Print - The key to selecting photos for a Multi Canvas gallery wall is to show consistency in theme. The collections will look cohesive, not cluttered. Try using photos where the backgrounds feature similar color palettes. Add depth to Mom's walls with a split-style gallery of memorial photo canvases.


3.  Canvas Collage - Bring all of Mom's favorite photos together for a distinctive arrangement in a Canvas Collage. Try combining photos of loved ones celebrating birthdays, enjoying vacations or relishing occasions both big and small. Turn those precious memories into wall art Mom can enjoy from the comfort of her home everyday! 


For museum-quality digital photo printing on canvas at great prices contact Capital City Reprographics. It is our passion to help bring your photos to life as canvas wall art. Let us help you make a gift for Mom that she will cherish for years to come! 

Construction Signs: Effective In Promoting Workplace Safety.

As numbers regarding on-the-job accidents drop, construction site safety signs continue to be an effective way in promoting workplace safety. 

Last month Crystal Chen of Capital News Source reported a decrease of workplace deaths in Michigan. "According to MIOSHA workplace deaths declined last year from 43 to 38 in the state... many in the construction industry." Safety standards have improved greatly over the years. Much of this improvement coming from greater regulation of construction sites, increased site inspections, increased use of personal protective equipment and not surprisingly, improved use of safety signs.

Construction companies are required to warn the workers and visitors about the threats in their work area. Proper signs in the construction site can help inform the workers of the dangers. One of the most basic tools of safety are construction hazard signs. Images of the hazard should be the part of construction signs as they can be helpful to the people who do not read well or do not speak english.

The best and most concise way of relaying information is through multi-message site safety signs at the point of entry to the site. Some construction companies also repeat the use of this sign around the perimeter of the site and within it. These play a vital role in reducing the number of injuries and fatalities from construction accidents.

Capital City Reprographics offers signs specifically designed to suit construction sites. We value the importance of workers' safety. This is why we are committed to designing construction signs in compliance with MIOSHA safety standards. We engage our clients to meet their expectations and provide suggestions for improvement.

Please contact us today and we'll start working on your order immediately!